Paras Public School is a co-educational Hindi-English Medium School set up in March 2010 and is affiliated to Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) Jaipur. The School affiliation no. of hindi medium 789/28/06/2011 and english medium 349/27/08/2014. Here we are committed to provide not only the education which is available in books, but also to develop the moral values in a child. The motto of school is Truth, Harmony and Liberty.

As the motto stands, this institute is shaping the bright future of young generation from its very beginning. P.I.A. imparts English medium education from class Nursery to eighth standard. It is the one of biggest campus of 2 Academic buildings, among them one is 2 storeys and another one is 3 storeys. Here we nurture and develop the living and life skills of our students to ensure that the students equally adapt the modern 21st century skills along with our traditional Gurukul system of education. That’s why the name is “The Gurukul” .

We focus on creating and enhancing the creative and artistic skills of our students and other skills also. Times to time various events are organized to generate interests in areas like literature, language, music, arts and sports etc. School has well equipped Educomp smart classrooms, computer lab, chemistry lab as well as mathematics and physics lab. Apart from these, various facilities relating to enhance sports are also there to take care of physical growth of students along with the mental growth. School has a well maintained library with thousands of books related to the curriculum and other aspects.